John Lee

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Cozmik Photography
Very talented artist & photographer (official photographer) who provides pretty much all the photos of John for this site.
John Buck
 Singer, Bassist, Cook!
Cyro Baptista
One of the greatest percussionists alive whom John has the pleasure of performing and touring regularly with.
Sun Radio
Monthly music program in Zurich Switzerland by Charles Blass. He mixes jazz, experimental, global, folk, electronic, funk and hybrid fusions in his shows.
The New Edge
Weekly Radio Program in Cambridge MA hosted by Ken Field. The New Edge features 2 hours each week of mostly instrumental creative new music, composed and improvised at the intersection of classical, jazz, and world styles
The Undercurrent
The Undercurrent is a blog/radio show focused mainly on post-hardcore/punk/emo along with noise, math, and sludge.
Monday Nights 8pm-10pm EST
Society of Art Rock
Washington DC based organization advancing the education of non-commercial music that mixes elements of classical, jazz, and contemporary rock styles into a musical form called Art Rock.
The Flail

Unique American/French jazz quintet featuring Brian Marsella from Caveman